About Sawary
Sawary is impressively built on 417 acres directly overlooking Lake Mariout, Set to become the first and largest of its kind in Alexandria. The project’s vision is built around its center feature; a community-life in the heart of New Alexandria centered around all your needs for a comfortable, luxurious, and modern lifestyle. Sawary aims to become the city’s biggest landmark, and pave the way for a modern, gated compound that offers an unprecedented life experience at the coastal city.
  • 2023 Delivery Date
  • 417 Aces
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Sports Facility

Enjoy staying in shape without having to leave Sawary’s front gate in our sports facility.

Strip Mall

Shopping has never been closer to home; enjoy glamourous shopping sprees at the compound’s strip mall.

Medical Clinic

Look after yours, and your loved ones, health and wellbeing at Sawary’s medical clinic and lead a truly modern, healthy life.


Sawary provides its residents with all essential services. The compound has a variety of supermarkets, pharmacies, and laundry services needed to guarantee that the residents stay comfortable and serene, all within their very own secured community.

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